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About Us

We are a high-tech Panamanian fishing company dedicated to the production of marine ingredients, that carries its operations with environmental and social responsibility. Since 2017 we have been producing high quality products to very demanding markets around the world. We are proud to have more than 140 collaborators committed to the organizational culture and to the company's values. Probasa is part of the Alfa Gamma Group, a business conglomerate headquartered in Miami, USA, with more than 40 years of experience in the fishing sector for direct human consumption.


We produce fishmeal and fish oil, with high quality standards and the best state of the art technology. These products are part of the ingredients for the preparation of balanced feed for poultry, fish, pigs and others. Our products are supported by GMP+ B2 and Marine Trust 2.0

Fish oil



PROCESADORA BAYANO is located in the Port of Coquira, on the shore of the Bayano river, just 16 km from the Pacific Ocean. We have a modern infrastructure for the production of fishmeal and fish oil.


Quality Management

We have an integrated management system that is supported by two international standards (GMP+B2 and Marine Trust 2.0) to comply with health requirements, good manufacturing and responsible sourcing practices, in order to supply traceable and safe products.

Our fleet

Our fleet has state of the art equipment including RSW system for the preservation of raw materials. Fishing operations are carried out respecting the environment and complying with all social responsibility commitments.

Global Presence

Our sales team is focused on serving our customers in a personalized way in 19 countries on 04 continents.



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